Akiko Kiyota
Akiko Kiyota
AppearancesForbidden Siren 2
Voice ActorNami Misaki

Akiko Kiyota (喜代田章子 Kiyota Akiko?) is a character in Forbidden Siren 2, a psychic who accompanies Soji Abe to the island in order to prove his innocence in the death of Ryuko Tagawa. She is strangely familiar with the island, and is able to read the past while sightjacking.


Akiko worked and lived in Yumemi Salon, in Tokyo. One night, she was shocked to learn on the news that her customer and friend, Ryuko Tagawa, had been found deceased. Just then, Soji Abe broke into her room and held her at knife point. Despite the aggressiveness, he swore that he did not kill Ryuko, and he needed Akiko's help to prove his innocence. She believed him and agreed to help.

The two board the Shoseimaru, riding with two other passengers when a sudden storm overturned them.

Despite shipwrecking, Akiko and Soji made it to Yamijima Island. On the harbour, she saw a vision of a woman who looked like Ryuko—which was impossible, as the vision was far older—telling a young boy named Shu to collect seven keys for seven gates. Just as Soji found a locket, a siren rang and the ground quaked.