Hiroshi Okita
Hiroshi okita
AppearancesForbidden Siren 2
Voice ActorKenzo Ryu

Hiroshi Okita (沖田 宏 Okita Hiroshi?) is a character in Forbidden Siren 2.


A person in the present day (2005), a land Self-Defence Force solider who crash lands in Cape Hidaru on Yamijima Island due to helicopter trouble that occurs when they become caught in the oddity during cargo transportation training. As a member of the rescue team sent to Hanuda Village after the disaster there two years ago, he has experience of teaming up with Takeaki Misawa (at the time rank 1 captain).

Unlike the somewhat obstinate Misawa he has a calm, caring personality, and was friendly with his junior Yorito Nagai, who was very fond of him. However, at the start of the oddity Ohita sustains grave injuries while shielding Nagai when the crashed helicopter makes impact, and dies from his wounds soon after escaping.

Afterwards, all of the ground Self-Defence Force soldiers besides Misawa and Nagai (fewer than 20) quickly become Shibito and turn their guns on them. Assaulted by the endlessly multiplying Yamirei, Okita later becomes a Yamibito, and is finally defeated after being blown up by Nagai.