AppearancesForbidden Siren 2
Voice ActorMai Takahashi

Kanae (加奈江?) is a character in Forbidden Siren 2, who serves as a playable character. A mysterious young woman, she has washed ashore to Yamijima Island in 1976, found by Shu Mikami and his father Ryuhei Mikami. Her true purpose scared the fishermen of the island, and their interference with her helped cause the events that made the island disappear.


Kanae is
Kanae full body
an avatar of Mother, created in the likeness of Ryuhei Mikami's late wife to deceive him and his son Shu. While singing a song, Ryuhei was shocked that she knew such a song, as the lyrics were ancient and from a time long gone. This reaction made him a potential threat to her plans, so Kanae murdered him.

That very night, the fishermen decided to hunt "the witch" down, and Kanae ran away. Shu caught up with her, unaware that she was his father's killer, and helped her in her escape. However, when the mob surrounded them, the bridge collapsed underneath their feet. Kanae managed to get Shu to safety, but as the sun rose, she dissipated into the water. This angered Mother, causing her to curse the entire island and drag everyone into the illusionary Yamijima.