Nitaka Ichifuji
Nigata ichifuji
StatusAlive (as Shibito)
AppearancesForbidden Siren 2
Voice ActorTakashi Fujisawa

Nitaka Ichifuji (一藤 二孝 Ichifuji Nitaka?) is a secret playable character in Forbidden Siren 2. He is unlocked by completing all missions in the game on Hard mode. A shibito, he is a member of the Japanese Self-Defense Force.


Nitaka was a member of the JSDF, the same group with Takeaki Misawa, Yorito Nagai and Hiroshi Okita. Unfortunately, Nikata was killed at some point and resurrected as a shibito alongside a fellow soldier in his group.

After Mamoru Itsuki released the yamirei in the island's amusement park, Nitaka and his fellow officer took it upon themselves to save as many shibito as possible while fending off their dark-dwelling counterparts. At one point, a shibito woman, Momiko Nabeshima, yelled for help in one of apartment complexes in the Gold Mining Co. Housing. Nikata and his ally went to her room to rescue her, during which they encountered the yamirei. Entering her room, they told her that they wish to escort her to safety, but Momiko reveals that she can't leave without her iron. 

Nitaka retrieved her iron, thereby allowing Momiko to join them. Exiting the building and nearly out of the area, Nitaka is shot by a sniping yamibito. Just when it looks like the yamibito will kill Nitaka, his fellow soldier shoots down the yamibito, saving him. Together, the three shibito manage to leave the place, possibly allowing them to be with other shibito in the fight against the yamirei and yamibito.