Shigeru Fujita
Shigeru fujita
AppearancesForbidden Siren 2
Voice ActorHisakatsu Murakami

Shigeru Fujita (藤田 茂 Fujita Shigeru?) is a playable character in Forbidden Siren 2. He was a police officer that was born and raised on the cursed island of Yamijima, and returns to investigate reports of strange sightings—such as a young woman—on the supposedly deserted island.


Fujita, a native of Yamijima, breaks the island's ancient tradition that those who are born on Yamijima live out their whole lives there, dreaming of success in life and becoming a policeman. However, his personality has led him to get involved in trouble since his youth, and three months before the mass disappearance of Yamijima islanders he allowed a burglary suspect to escape, causing him to be demoted from lieutenant to sergeant and received a pay cut. Furthermore, due to events he is demoted and sent to Yamijima's Chuu Peninsula, living alone and away from his family. However, despite constantly getting into trouble and sticking his nose into things better left alone, Fujita is unable to change his personality and decides to conduct a solo investigation on Yamijima, his hometown which he has been interested in for some time.

Forbidden Siren 2Edit

In actuality, since he was born and raised on Yamijima, Fujita knows the legends and customs passed down there, and vaguely suspects that there are "impurities" around. Since his father's funeral in 1970, Fujita has not returned to the island and become distanced from his hometown, but from the testimony of the arsonist who burned down Yamijima Elementary and Middle School in 1975[1], and the mass vanishing of the islanders and cutting of the undersea cable the following year in 1976[2], he suspects that the "impurities" have something to do with it. Going by this he heads for the island and encounters "impurities", seeing the lights of the Bright Win (through a warp in space and time) and heads deeper again into the island. Due to his unwarranted meddling, Fujita ends up becoming trapped in the Reflected World. After becoming stuck in the illusionary Yamijima, Fujita discovers Ichiko Yagura on the Bright Win, using his knowledge of his hometown to his advantage in an attempt to escape by boat. However, Fujita is unable to do this, being stabbed to death by the half-awakened Simulacrum Ichiko. He sees Ichiko as his daughter, Asako. This is the girl he has recklessly risked his life to save. In the end, seeming to give up, he meets his tragic end.