Soji Abe
Soji Abe
AppearancesForbidden Siren 2
Voice ActorEiji Nakamura

Soji Abe (阿部 倉司 Abe Sōji?) is a playable character from Forbidden Siren 2. A dock worker, Soji was friends with his flatmate Ryuko. Unfortunately, she is killed and he is framed for his murder. Teaming up with Akiko, a fellow friend of Ryuko's, he goes to Yamijima Island in order to hide from the police and see if they can find a way to prove his innocence.


A part-time worker who lived with Ryuko Tagawa, a woman murdered by Yuri Kishida. He is implicated as a suspect in Ryuko's murder, and fleeing from the police he remembers that Ryuko was friends with a fortune-teller named Akiko Kiyota, forcing his way to Akiko and begging for her help. Based on Akiko's advice that the mystery lies on Yamijima, the two visit the island, where they become caught in the mysterious incidents.

Abe has not realized that his murdered girlfriend is an unawakened dove. Due to his easygoing nature, Abe had no suspicions of the birthmark on Ryuko's chest, her dislike of light, or her occasional violent outbursts (due to synchronicity with Mother), allowing the two to nurture their love. Initially, Abe believes that he passed by Ryuko on the way back to his apartment, and since the face of the body at his house is so disfigured he can't tell whether it's really her...

When he sees in the Netherworld that Yuri has Mother's face, Abe understands that it was Yuri he passed by at the apartment, feeling the reality of Ryuko's death in the strange land.