Yorito Nagai
Yorito nagai
AppearancesForbidden Siren 2
Voice ActorKiyokazu Ebina

Yorito Nagai (永井頼人 Nagai Yorito?) is a playable character in Forbidden Siren 2. He was a member of the Japanese Self-Defense Force, landing on Yamijima Island during a helicopter crash-land.


Yorito, formerly having no distinct goals for the future, nor intending to go to university, was a normal, average young man from the country, who ended up joining the SDF—this was due to being told, "If you've graduated from high school and you're not doing anything, may as well join the SDF!" by an uncle. Yorito himself thought, "Apparently I can get a driving license if I join the SDF, so I guess I'll give it a go?". His parents half expected, half feared him to be broken and quit quickly as they saw their son off, but luckily Yorito was good at his duties and met Hiroshi Okita, a man of character; this meeting had a positive influence on him, and he even became distinguished amongst those young members who joined at the same time he did—he had been athletic when he was younger, and started getting excellent grades in the SDF.

For Yorito, a stereotypical young man who had trouble getting used to adulthood, Okita was a truly respected senior, both as a colleague and a friend. Okita's death—which was caused by his protecting Yorito—is such a shock to him, but when Okita's corpse strangely reawakens and begins to attack him, Yorito is sent into total panic. Due to the quick wits of his boss, Takeaki Misawa, the two are able to escape. However, as he does what he is told while they explore the island, Yorito gradually becomes distrustful of Misawa's strange behavior. Never having been all that strongly passionate about the SDF, and still having the childish view that, however high ranking someone is he can't stand anyone he can't trust—though he may have cautiously gone along with it if Okita had been there...—Yorito is unable to surmise Misawa's true intent and disagrees with him. Later, this thoughtlessness leads to his momentum building and culminates with the shooting of his boss, causing him to panic and look after Ichiko Yagura to try to act as a SDF member should, but Ichiko awakens as a Simulacrum... This is the time Yorito realizes his ignorance and impotence, letting him reassess the situation realistically. Through various experiences, Yorito grows as a man.